Troubleshooting for Instagram and Facebook page settings

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Last update: 2023-09-05 00:00

Since recent changes on Instagram and Facebook, each Instagram account must be connected to a valid Facebook page which has to be connected to a personal Facebook profile.
It might happen that some older Facebook pages will not be recognized as valid pages when they are not connected to a personal Facebook profile.

Please make sure that your Facebook page is connected to your Instagram Business account and that your Facebook profile can access your Facebook page settings like shown in the screenshots below if you're receiving the following error message:
No Pages
We could not find a page related to your profile. To connect and post on a social media page with Blog2Social you need administrative or editorial rights for the respective page.


You can check your current role for this individual Facebook page by checking the page access settings:
Facebook -> Settings & privacy -> Settings -> Page setup -> View -> Page access


Your Facebook profile should be listed below "People with Facebook access".


The connection of your Facebook page and your Instagram Business account can be established on Facebook by clicking on:
Settings & privacy -> Settings -> Linked Accounts -> Instagram -> Connect account

It should be displayed like this on Facebook when following the steps in this tutorial:
How to connect your Instagram Business Account with your Facebook page


If you cannot see or access these page settings with your Facebook profile which is connected with your Instagram Business account, please create a new Facebook Page for connecting it with your Instagram account.
How to create a Facebook Page

Please note: There’s no need to post on this new page afterwards. You can keep posting on your former Facebook page. The new page is only created for establishing a valid connection with your Instagram account.


If you are still facing issues afterwards, please reset the Blog2Social Facebook App ("Business Integrations") by following these steps:

  • Remove your Instagram connection in your Blog2Social “Networks” overview by clicking on the trash bag icon next to it.
  • Remove the Blog2Social App in your Facebook settings (“Business Integrations”) by following this link and clicking on “Remove”:
  • Connect your Instagram Business account with Blog2Social by clicking on "Connect Business" in your "Networks" overview.
    Within this process the Blog2Social App will be added again on Facebook. Please make sure that you grant all required rights to this app. Please also make sure that your Facebook profile has all required rights to publish content on your Facebook page.


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