Link Preview - Troubleshooting checklist and solutions for setting Open Graph Tags

2021-04-26 15:25

Open Graph tags (og:tags) are one of the most important things to make your blog or website social-media-ready. OG tags define how your link preview (snippet), containing your title, description and image to give a preview of your article, is presented in your social media posts.

If your post was shared with a wrong image or without any image, with the wrong title or description, please go through the following points and check your blog posts with them:


   ⃣ Check source code
   ⃣  Check other plugins which set open graph tags
   ⃣ Change open graph tags
   ⃣ Check post templates

  ⃣  Check source code

First of all, you can check the open graph tags by calling up your blog post or site and making a right-click with your mouse anywhere between the lines of the blog post in some free space to open a menu.

Click on “View Page Source” to open the source code. A new window or tab with the source code will open.


1. Press Ctrl+F (on Windows) to open the search bar.


2. Type in “og:image” and press the enter key. The og:image tag will now be highlighted in your source code.


The line
><meta property="og:image" content=" jpg" / ><
shows the image that is set as the og:image for this blog post.

You can also search for “og:title” to check the title tag or “og:description” to check the description tag.

  ⃣  Check other plugins which set open graph tags

If you notice that any of the og:tags are set more than once while checking the source code, some social networks might not be able to read your tags. Please make sure that you use only Blog2Social to set meta tags and disable all other plugins which set these meta tags.

  ⃣  Change open graph tags

When you checked the open graph tags and noticed that there is set a wrong image, title or description, you can change the tags and share your post again.

Please note: There may also be delays caused by the networks. Sometimes the networks need a few minutes to process the data. Just reload the page to see if the networks show the post correct now.

How to change open graph tags of your blog post with Blog2Social?

You can change the open graph tags of your blog post with Blog2Social. To do so, please make sure that you have activated the following settings under "Blog2Social -> Settings -> Social Meta Data":

Now you can proceed as shown below:

1. To customize your posts in the one-page preview editor, go to “Blog2Social -> “Site & Blog Content ” and select the blog post you want to share by clicking on “Share on Social Media”.


2. In the right sidebar, select a social network that allows link posts (posts with link preview) such as Facebook or LinkedIn. (If you use Twitter, you will see the Twitter Card tags instead of the Open Graph tags). Get more information about social media post formats in this guide.

3. Check whether the “post format” on the upper right side of the respective network’s editor field is set to “Link Post”. If it is not, you can click on it to change the post format.


4. Adjust the open graph tags to your liking in the Blog2Social post preview below your text field. To do this, click on the title or description field and type in your changes directly. They will be applied to your source code after you clicked to share the post.


5. To change your image, click on “change image” to open another window. Select an image from your blog post or click on “Image upload/Media Gallery” to upload a new image or choose one from your media library. Please make sure your image meets the image size requirements.


6. Click on “Apply image for all posts” to apply this image to all the posts you are currently planning or click on “Apply image for this post” to apply it for this post and all other networks that use og:tags for their link preview.


You can find a detailed instruction about what open graph tags are and how you can use them by following these links:
>> What are open graph tags and what do I use them for?
>> What are OG Open Graph Tags for Facebook?

  ⃣  Check post templates

The og:tags are set correctly and your post is missing a title or the description/ content?

Then please check your post templates for the respective network by clicking “Blog2Social” -> “Networks” -> “Edit post template” and see if the variables are set like wished. You can find more information about the post templates here:
>> How to use post templates for social media posts?

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