How do I select the image I want to share on social media?

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When you want to publish your posts on social media, you can select any image from your blog post or media gallery. Blog2Social provides multiple options to define and select the image your wish to share on your social networks. With the Blog2Social Pro or Business version, you can also select different images per network or upload and select images from the media gallery or new images from your computer.

Let's start from the beginning to show, how to define and select your preferred image for your social media post.

Many social networks like Twitter and Facebook allow you to choose between two basic post formats to present your content: Image Post and Link post. Both post formats show your image.

The Link Post format is the standard format when you share a link to a blog post or website. It will show the preview of your post with your default image and a short introduction, or a summary of your content. A link preview is automatically generated by the network with the information from the social meta tags of your post.

The Image Post format sets the focus on your image. If you click on the image, the image will enlarge. When using Blog2Social, your link is inserted as a clickable link below your text.

Click here to learn more about Social Media Post Formats - The differences between Image Post and Link Post 

With the Image Post format, you can use several images for the same Social Media and thus post your contribution with different visual hangers. The Link Post format always loads the image from the Open Graph tags. The Image Post format is supported by the networks Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, LinkedIn, VKontakte, Bloglovin,  and Flickr.

Why you should share your Social Media posts with different images

With Blog2Social you can share your blog posts with a few clicks on all your social media and also customize them individually. But there is more than the posting texts that need to be varied - don’t forget the pictures! Find out how images contribute to your online success: How to Use the Power of Visuals to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog.

If you share your posts not only with the featured image but also with all the images you used in your blog post, you create more visual anchors and variety in your feed. In addition, you use the whole potential of your blog post, if you use all the images: The Visual Side of Blog Content Creation: Ways to Be Visually Appealing.

How to choose your blog post for your social media post

There are two ways to post blog posts in social media:

1. Directly from the blog post:

In the lower part of the right menu bar, you will find the box "Auto-Post on Social Media". Click on it to open the box. Then click on "Customize & Schedule Social Media Posts".

2. Or via the Blog2Social dashboard: First click on "Posts & Sharing" in the Blog2Social menu in the navigation bar on the left, then select the post you want to share on social media and click on "Share on Social Media".

You will be forwarded to the Blog2Social one-page editor that shows you an overview of all your connected Social Media to which you can post now.

How to change your image for your Social Media Post

In most cases, you will already see a pre-selected image. Blog2Social selects the featured image of your blog post by default.

If you do not like this one or you simply like another one better, just click on “Change image”.

Here you find the options of the image selection:

Blog2Social selects the post image by default. In the image options, you will see every image that you used in the selected blog post. Click on your desired image to select it and confirm your change by clicking on "Apply image for this post".

If you want to use your desired image not only for one social media post but for all social media you have selected in the network selection, click on "Apply image for all posts".

If you are the owner of a Pro or Business version of Blog2Social, you also have the opportunity to upload more images. Click on "Image upload / Media Gallery".

You now have two options to upload an image:

1. You can choose it from your Media Gallery

2. You can either upload it by Drag & Drop or open your Explorer by clicking on "Select files".

(1) You can select any image that is stored in your Media Gallery. Then click on "Use image" in the bottom right corner.

You will be relocated to the image options. Here you can choose whether you want to use the image only for these posts or for all posts.

(2) If you want to upload an image from your local computer, just drop your file anywhere into the window to upload or click on "Select Files" to open your Explorer.

You will be relocated to the image options. Here you can choose whether you want to use the image only for these posts or for all posts.

When you are happy with your settings, click "Share" to publish the social media post.

How to plan several different images for one Social Media account

To save time when posting your blog posts, you can plan several Social Media posts simultaneously for different times. In order to be able to use different images in these posts, it is important that you use the Image Post format.

Please note: You can only use different images for the same Social Media choosing the Image Post format because the Link Post format loads the image from the Open Graph tags.
Find more information on "Social Media Post Formats - The differences between Image Post and Link Post". If you want to use different images in different Social Media, you can also use the Link Post format.

If you use the Image Post format by default, you can skip the next step. If your default setting is the Link Post format, click on "post format: Link Post" to change the format.

Then select the Image Post format by clicking on the preview.

To schedule more than one post for a Social Media network, open the drop-down menu by clicking "Share Now" and then select "Schedule for specific dates".

Now click on "+ add another post". You can plan up to three posts for a network at the same time.

To change the images of the individual posts, follow the instructions above to select your image. Customize your post texts and schedule your times for sharing. When you are happy with your settings, share your posts by clicking on "Share".


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