Where do I find my license key?

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Last update: 2019-08-14 14:11

After you've registered for the trial or purchased Blog2Social Premium you receive a license key.

You received your license key with your welcome email, together with the login credentials. Please check your inbox and the spam folder of your email system.

If you already have the login credentials you can log into your Blog2Social account at  https://service.blog2social.com/en/login/ anytime to get your license key or change your account data whenever needed.

Overview of what you can do when you're logged in to Blog2Social.com

  1. Log in on http://service.blog2social.com/en/login/ with your user credentials: username and password that you got in your registration email
  2. When you are logged in, you can see information on licenses, account and invoices
  3. Go to "Licences"
  4. You can check wich version of Blog2Social is registered under your account
  5. You can see how many users are activated with your license key, who it is and on which domain/website the license key is used
  6. To switch a license key from one user or website to another, delete the respective license key here
  7. This is your license key. To activate another user, please copy paste this license key and insert it in the right side bar of your Blog2Social Dashboard in the backend of your WordPress
  8. You can see when your license expires


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