Re-share posts automatically

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2020-03-10 11:41

Keep your social media feed updated automatically with awesome content and save valuable time for reviving your evergreen content and images.

Re-sharing your evergreen content automatically helps you to revive your best content from time to time. Automatic re-posts also make it easy for you to create your perfect content mix of evergreen content with new posts and curated content to keep your social feeds interesting, rich, and diverse. Automate your resharing process with Blog2Social, so you can use your valuable time to create new content and interact with your community.

It’s easy: Define which blog posts, pages, or custom post types you would like to revive, as well as the time and interval and Blog2Social, will fill your social media feeds for you automatically.


Automatically re-share your posts on the following networks:

  • Twitter (1 profile)
  • Facebook (profiles & pages)
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Flickr
  • LinkedIn
  • XING (profiles & pages)
  • VKontakte (profiles & pages)
  • Diigo
  • Reddit

How to automatically re-share content with Blog2Social

Click on “Re-Share Posts” in the Blog2Social menu to open your “Re-Share” Settings.